Curriculum Outline for Six-Week Course

Kabbalah: Your Path to Empowerment

Curriculum Outline

Week One

  • Lurianic Cosmology:
    • How did Kabbalists view the nature of the Creator, the purpose of creation and the role of humankind?
    • How do we deal with life’s challenges in a broken world?
    • How can we use our talents to bring healing to ourselves and others?
    • How do we make appropriate space for something new?

Week Two

  • Keter, Chochma, Bina and Da’at – Mental spheres
  • Explore the dimensions of knowing.

Week Three

  • Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet – Emotional spheres
  • Learn to balance loving kindness with boundaries to achieve greater harmony.

Week Four

  • Netzath, Hod, Yesod – Action spheres
  • Compare the delicate dance of forging ahead to accomplish your goals with stepping back to make room for the other. What is the role of the ego in relation to the soul?

Week Five

  • Malchut and Shechinah – Grounding in this physical reality
  • Discover how all of the energies are grounded in our material reality.

Week Six

  • Levels of reality
  • Look at the variety of levels in the Ten Sefirot, the four worlds and the levels of the soul.

Joy Gordon