Experience the Joy of Kabbalah:

10 Energies, 4 Worlds, 1 Source

Kabbalah is an ancient system to help us understand the meaning of life and our relationship to the Divine. Kabbalah means to receive. Judaism teaches that we are created in the image of the Divine. As we are more open to receive the Light of the Creator, we illuminate our lives and the lives of those around us and bring greater holiness to our material world.

Using the lenses of the 10 Sefirot and the 4 Worlds, you will identify places where you may be out of balance and see what energies are needed to bring you into greater equilibrium. Through this process, you will be guided to get in touch with the uniqueness of your divine inner being that is the source of your wholeness. Explore your unique gifts to share in service to tikkun olam repair of the world.

In this series of six classes you will learn techniques to incorporate the principles of Kabbalah into your daily life. The sessions will be informational as well as experiential. Beginning with a guided meditation, you will experience the energies in your body and then express them through movement, music, poetry, art or another chosen modality. By embodying the energies in a conscious way, you have greater access to their power to transform your life. This will help you find greater balance, peace of mind, and empowerment.

For current classes, contact Joy at 763-559-7029